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HANNOVERANER - Breed and development of worldwide sought after horses

Hanoverian horses – Embodiment of warmblood horses with a unique reputation. Tradition, continuous development and modernity are features of the warmblood breed that originates in Lower Saxony and has spread all over the world. The present Hannoveraner Verband has a lot to offer and maintains a leading position in the horse industry.

The Hanoverian breed has a large fan community that constantly grows in Germany, Europe and all over the world. The breed originated in the 18th century in the horse region Lower Saxony which is still the base today for its breeding success. Where did everything start, how did it develop, what about historical influences, which working structures were applied, what are the reasons for success, what about the current situation?

This reference book provides answers to these and other questions. The book follows up on the out-of-print book of Prof. Löwe and Dr. Schlie from 1985. It impressively features the whole history of the Hanoverian breed, particularly the last 50 years. It is published at a time in which many innovations have been implemented by the Verband.

The book was written by a number of authors and is based on the experiences of all those experts who actively accompanied or participated in the development of the breed. Apart from insiders and experts of the business, the book also addresses those who are new to the breed as well as to sport and marketing of the Hanoverian horse.


  • The development of the Hanoverain breed from 1735 to 1960
  • The development of the Hannoveraner Verband and the rise of the Hanoverian to a modern riding horse since the early 1960s
  • The rebreeding of the Hanoverian to the exclusive sports horse
  • Hanoverian stallion lines
  • The Hanoverian breed and Hannoveraner Verband today (Verband‘s organizational structures, the modern breeding program, the Verden auctions, sport, marketing)

ISBN: 978-3-88542-714-8
Sprache: englisch
Typ: Buch
Erschienen: 1. Auflage 2018
Seiten: 400 pages with 500 coloured and historical pictures
Maße: 240 x 280 mm, gb. Hardcover


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