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The Principles of Riding

The six volumes of The Principles of Riding are the standard reference work and the basis for the classical training of horses, as well as riders, drivers and vaulters.
They impart mandatory basic knowledge for all areas of equestrian sport and horse keeping. The first edition of The Principles of Riding, Volume 1 was published more than 50 years ago with 28 editions to date.

The present edition “Basic Training for Horse and Rider“ has been completely revised regarding language and content, while still taking into account well-established principles.
The consideration of traditional principles leads to an education and training of the horse according to its nature and, thus, to its health, well-being and performance capability.

The horse’s instincts and natural behaviour are presented in detail as the basis of communication and understanding between horse and rider. Modern scientific research relating to training theory and biomechanics has influenced the systematic training of the rider as well as that of the horse.
These Principles of Riding provide versatile, practical assistance to horse lovers and readers of this book who want to learn, irrespective of whether they ride for leisure or competitively, are interesting in hacking or hunting, or want to develop and improve their basic training for dressage, show-jumping or eventing.  

These Principles should be indispensable for all riders, drivers, vaulters, trainers and judges, as well as all of those who are interested in an appropriate training of rider and horse, according to the horse’s nature, and who place importance on a harmonious cooperation of horse and rider.

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ISBN: 978-3-88542-727-8
Typ: Buch
Erschienen: 1. Auflage 2017
Seiten: 288 pages
Maße: 168 x 240 mm, kt. Broschurausgabe


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